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Ten Yard Capital, LLC specializes in managed currency investing. Ten Yard Capital, LLC is a licensed Commodity Trading Advisor with the CFTC and a member of the NFA (ID#0435699).

Ten Yard Capital, LLC trading program aims to be an all-weather investment that may enhance a portfolio's return regardless of equity or bond market trends. The goal of Ten Yard Capital, LLC, is to provide absolute returns (Alpha) regardless of market conditions. In seeking to provide absolute returns, there is risk of a real of loss up to, and including, the loss of initial capital.  By working with our clients and understanding their individual investment needs we often recommend that a portion of their portfolio might benefit by placement into our managed currency program. The program may allow investors the ability to take advantage of the benefits and flexibility that currency investing, by a CTA, allows.

These Benefits Include:

  • Portfolio diversification with exposure to the global currency markets
  • Trading opportunities in up and down financial markets
  • Low correlation to stock and bond markets
  • Can be employed as an inflation or deflation hedge 
  • CTA structure is a regulated entity (USD based investors)
  • Does not operate as a "pool" or "group" driven investment vehicle
  • All accounts are opened, and held with the FCM, in the name of the investor.  Ten Yard Capital, LLC only has power of attorney to manage the funds.
  • Simple investment vehicle allows for "investment" in a given geographical region via the currency, not through buying a share of a fund. 
  • Sizeable currency market (approximately $4T daily) provides substantial liquidity.  
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